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Liebherr T 282B: Biggest Mining Truck

The world's largest truck is really a mining truck called "Liebherr T 282B". Liebherr first introduced it at the Bauma trade fair in Munich, Germany in 200 The T 282B is designed and manufactured by the Liebherr Mining Equipment Co. According for the manufacturer, it comes with an empty weight of 203 tons and a gross vehicle weight of silniki hydrauliczne liebherr 600 tons. Moreover, the T 282B measures 15m long, 4m tall over the canopy having a wheelbase of 6 meters.

See how teeny a body's next to a Liebherr T 282B. Therefore, it is usually transported in components to the site and assembled latter. See how teeny a person is next to a Liebherr T 282B.

The Monaco Yacht Show 2010. The price for each T 282B ranges from $4 to $5 million depending on customer requirements. Liebherr T 282B dump truck is powered by a diesel-electric powertrain.

Liebherr T 282B's maximum additional load amounts to 363 tons. . . SwissRoomBox - Mobile-home for your car.

First New Popemobile Unveiled. . . . First New Popemobile Unveiled.

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